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Don't Make the #1 Mistake in
Home Mortgage Financing

What is it?
Using your Realtor's AFFILIATED "Same Name" Mortgage and
Title Company to handle your home loan and closing.

- Did you shop around for mortgage quotes?
Or just blindly use whoever your Real Estate Agents said?

- Do your Realtor, Mortgage, and Title Company all have the
  same company name?
- Is your Realtor also your Loan Officer?
Realtors are licensed to help buy and sell homes. They are not trained in financing!
- Did your Realtor have you sign an "Affiliated Business  Disclosure" notice?
- The Law says YOU can pick whoever YOU want as a lender and title company.
Are you getting pressured to use who the agent wants?

Free Report - Mortgage Mistakes

How much is convenience worth month after month, year after year?  In just a few minutes on the phone,  you can get a better deal from an established local direct lender who is NOT affiliated with your Realtor!

Although it is very convenient to use the affiliated lender and title company across the hall, you typically PAY for that convenience with higher rates and fees than you could find elsewhere. Sometimes the Realtor makes it sound as if you have to use their affiliated companies. YOU DON'T.

FREE Detailed Report Instantly By Email of the other top mistakes!

Print out the report - Show it to your Real Estate Agent
Tell Them NO to HIGHER RATES and FEES from their Affiliated Companies!

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